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Fueling Your Logistics Chain

Transport Segment Majorly deals into Liquid Logistics Operations, We operate on Fleet of Road Tankers, Flat Bed Trailers and Skeleton Trailers.



Bulk Tankers – Bitumen

Bulk Tanker – Fuel / Chemicals

Skeleton Trailers

Tractor Heads


Vehicle Management: Company has invested heavily on infrastructure and resources to carry out the maintenance activities of its fleet. In house facility is available for catering mechanical, electrical and painting related jobs. Maintenance staff are trained in house as well as fleet manufacturers / dealers on fleet maintenance. Job cards are prepared for all maintenance jobs and a job history is available for all vehicle right from day the vehicle is commissioned to operation.

Preventive maintenance of the tractor heads are carried out every 15,000 KM and a monthly schedule is prepared for this purpose. Apart from the changing the lubricants and filters, a detailed inspection of the vehicle is carried out by trained personnel against the checklist developed in consultation with the dealer.

Preventive maintenance of the tankers and trailers are carried out once in 6 month’s basis. Apart from normal lubrication, a equipment will be subjected to a detailed inspection. Checklist is formulated for this activity which shall cover all critical aspects of equipment as per the manufacturer.

Workshop crew is equipped to handle all types of on road maintenance requirements and are trained to undertake such repairs without much hindrance to the traffic. It is the responsibility of the workshop in charge to keep a log of such instances and minimize the same.

Journey Management: Through journey management, we are ensuring that journey is managed effectively within the working hrs and driving hrs parameter of the driver (12 hrs of working per day and 9 hrs of driving per day). This also help us in importing the customer service by effectively managing the ETA and informing the customer accordingly.

Company is in the process of installing GPS on all their fleet and the system got the capability to give on line information of position of the vehicle and this system can be used as effective tool to monitor driver’s behavior on road as it is capable of monitoring over speeding, harsh braking and harsh acceleration parameters.

HSSE Management: Requirement of very comprehensive HSE management system is a vital part in our industry and at Majwal, the management is committed to implement the safety culture in the organization and has given utmost priority for the same. We have embraced ‘Safety First’ culture in all our operations and in order to have this implemented effectively, the management has taken a two prone approach as detailed below.




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